For REALLY Serious Investors Only:
The Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop
(at a huge discount for Real Life Real Estate Listeners)

                If you aren’t serious about making creative finance deals a BIG part of your real estate business, you can stop reading right here.

                But if you are, we’re going to make you a KILLER deal on the most complete “How to” workshop about how to do no-qualifying, better-than-market-terms, low- or no-money down deals on wealth building properties EVER.

We Can Already See that 2023 Will Be Filled with Sellers in Need…

                And that means even more opportunities to buy cash-flowing rentals, lease/options, and Airbnbs by helping those sellers with YOUR creative solutions to their problems.

                And we’re ready to show you LOTS of ways to do that, in our 4-day Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop.

The Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop
Gives You ALL the Tools You Need…

                To solve DIFFERENT problems for DIFFERENT sellers!

                In 4 days (April 27th-30th) in Cincinnati, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find
  • Evaluate
  • Negotiate
  • Document
  • Close

ALL of these creative deal structures:

  • Buying “subject to the existing loan
  • Buying with (sometimes 0%) seller financing
  • Controlling properties with long-term lease/options
  • Creating long-term wealth with pure options
  • Using private lenders (and not at hard money rates and terms)
  • Partnering with other investors to bring the money you don’t have, or do the work you don’t want to do

Team-Taught by Actual, Uber-Experienced
Real Life Real Estate Investors

                Vena Jones-Cox has been investing in real estate since 1990, and has negotiated hundreds of subject to, seller-carryback, private lending and partnership deals. She’s kept them, flipped them, sold them ‘repair for equity’, and made millions using her creative finance knowledge.

                Bill Cook is a 30-year veteran of the business, and has talked to thousands of sellers, building a portfolio of long-term and mid-term rentals using seller carrybacks, pure options, creative private loans, and more.

                Their different approaches—Vena has a team of paid helpers, markets by mail, negotiates by phone, and does dozens of deals a year, while Bill has a single property manager/bookkeeper, door knocks for deals in a small town, and believes, like the tortoise, that slow and steady wins the race—with teach you a LOT about the different ways to win in the creative deal world.

                And with over 60 years of combined experience and work, they’ve seen all the pitfalls, worked out all the documents (both for mortgage and deed of trust states), and can show you the fastest path to success.

And Yes, it INCLUDES…

  • Over 300 pages of detailed, written instruction
  • A seat in the live, 4-day class in Cincinnati, April 27th-30th (can’t come? We’ll send you the recordings, and a certificate to attend a future live class for free)
  • All the template documents, forms, contracts, and disclosures you need to do these deals legally and professionally
  • A WEEKLY Zoom support call, to help you structure your real-life deals

Here’s the Deal for Just FIVE Listeners:

                The Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop will change the way you do business, and give you the tools you need to acquire more investment properties faster.

                So it’s not cheap.

                In fact, the “real” price is $1,297 for 1, $1,697 for 2 seats at the live event.

But YOU can get it by pledging $897 ($1,297 for 2 seats) to WMKV—
IF you’re one of the first 5 people to act.

Just look what previous attendees have to say:


The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Workshop is unlike anything you’ve attended before. Vena and Bill know how to break down the complex and make the deal structures easy to understand.--Kate N.

I just closed on the deal you helped me structure and made $24, 377! Even the closing attorney said it never would have closed without your help. What a life changer! --Jake A.

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