In Concert

In Concert Ken Luther comes to WMKV after a 34 year career at Procter & Gamble. While toiling professionally in various sales and marketing activities, he was also known to be doing some “talent” work on the side including voice-overs for sales and training films and appearances in regional comedy clubs. At WMKV, he returns to an early love with radio broadcasting. This attraction began as a kid listening to Jack Benny, Fred Allen, and others. It evolved into hours in his room as a teen-ager talking into a tape recorder playing “big time DJ”, and later 4 years of college/commercial work in Marietta, Ohio. “In Concert” presents music from just a few selected artists each week; typically, a vocalist in one half and an instrumentalist or band in the other half. You’ll hear only the music of the featured artist – just like being at a concert – along with some biographical data and other pieces of interesting information.