Cooking For Yummies

Cooking For Yummies WMKV’s “Cooking for Yummies” is a weekly program that explores the world of food from the grocery store to the specialty store and from the restaurant to your own kitchen. The show, which is on Mondays at 5::30pm, with a repeat on Fridays at 5:30am, is all about discovering food. If you have any ideas for upcoming Cooking for Yummies shows on WMKV, you can contact us via Facebook at WMKV’s page or through WMKV’s website at Our goal is to make food fun and have a better understanding of what we savor, what we crave, what we love to prepare and what we love to consume. In doing so, we learn more about us as well! Sponsored in part by: Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices, Flying Olive, and First Watch