WMKV Welcomes The Glenn Miller Orchestra!

Tickets Just $30 Pre-Purchase-$3 Discount Parking Available

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 7-10PM

Music Hall Ballroom

Revisit the glory days of the Music Hall Ballroom with this
big band concert and dance to benefit WMKV/WLHS Public
Radio! We feature the touring Glenn Miller Orchestra in
the room that hosted the great bands of the 40’s and 50’s.
Create new memories at Music Hall Ballroom.

It’s classic big band music in a classic venue!

Tickets available by calling: (513) 621-2787, at the Aronoff Center Ticket Office or at www.cincinnatiarts.org

WMKV gratefully acknowledges support from:

Medicare Fraud Forum/ID Theft Prevention Broadcast!

Pro Seniors, the Ohio SMP Project, and WMKV/WLHS presented a Medicare Fraud Forum in March at Maple Knoll Village Auditorium, including representatives of Pro Seniors, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, the FBI, Ohio Department of Insurance, Social Security Administration, and Health and Human Services. Topics include ID theft prevention, senior scams, and fighting Medicare fraud. This is a great program for seniors and caregivers alike. You can also listen on demand for a limited time by clicking Hour 1 or Hour 2. Find information on our guest agencies and more by clicking here.

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Sunday April 27TH — WMKV Big Band Dance!

WMKV Dances are open to the public and open to all ages!

Listen to great big band music from the Maple Knoll Big Band and get out on the spacious dance floor and show your stuff!
The WMKV Big Band Dances are on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday of almost every month!

Click Here for our 2014 Big Band Dance Calendar.

Maple Knoll Village Auditorium

11100 Springfield Pike Springdale, Ohio

Sundays 2-5pm

$11 per person admission includes snacks and soft drinks! Tickets available at the door! For more details, call 513-782-2427.


Hello Butler and Warren Counties! It's been a while in the making, but WMKV 89.3FM is pleased to be working with WLHS 89.9FM to bring WMKV's programming to areas where you could not easily get 89.3FM before. Now areas of West Chester, Fairfield, Mason, and more can switch over to 89.9FM and hear WMKV's regular offerings! Please help spread the word about the new Maple Knoll Radio Network! Our streaming remains at www.wmkvfm.org.

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WMKV and Old Time Radio Featured on Maple Knoll Communities Blog!

WMKV and our Old Time Radio shows are being featured on Maple Knoll Communities blog site:
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On WMKV 89.3 FM, the old time radio shows of the past have returned! You can enjoy all of your favorites:

Theater of the Mind with Mike Martini
Weekdays at 11am-Noon (EST)

Hollywood Radio Theater
Weekdays Noon-1pm NEW (EST)

Mystery Playhouse
Weeknights 7-8pm (EST)

The Big Broadcast
Saturday evening 7pm-11pm (EST)

Plus musical standards, big bands & nostalgia hits from yesterday to today, and so much more!

If you haven't heard us lately, you haven't heard WMKV!

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