Sherlock Holmes Well Staged Murder 8 CDs

Journey back to a time when turning on your cathedral radio transported you to a fog-swirled 221-B Baker Street...and you spent a most enjoyable half-hour as "the world's greatest detective" matched wits with the most challenging criminal elements in all of London. The brilliant Sherlock Holmes is more than equal to the baffling clues and confounding mysteries that he faces. John Stanley stars as the clever Consulting Detective, with Alfred Shirley as his loyal assistant Dr. Watson. The game's well and truly afoot in sixteen exciting tales from 1947-48! Includes a Program Guide by Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. Episodes: The Laughing Lemur of High Tower Heath 10-26-47; The Adventure of the Copper Beeches 11-02-47; The Cadaver in the Roman Toga 11-09-47; The Case of the Well-Staged Murder 11-16-47; The Case of the Cradle That Rocked Itself 11-30-47; The Case of Professor Moriarty and the Diamond Jubilee 12-07-47; The Adventure of the Christmas Bride 12-21-47; The Case of the Sudden Senility 01-11-48; The Case of the Lucky Shilling 01-18-48; The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb 01-25-48; The Case of the Avenging Blade 02-01-48; The Case of the Sanguinary Specter 02-08-48; The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place 02-15-48; The Adventure of the Wooden Claw 02-22-48; The Case of King Philip's Golden Salver 02-29-48; The Adventure of the Six Napoleons 03-07-48.