Jonathan Winters The Complete Albums: 1959-62

Jonathan Winters was an American comedian, actor, broadcaster, TV presenter, artist, and author who received eight Grammy nominations for Best Comedy Album during his career. He had a troubled childhood and developed his comedy persona as a response to his emotional traumas. Winning a talent competition led to a job as a DJ…where his comedy gradually took over the show. He suffered from bi-polar disorder, which contributed to his approach as a pioneer of improvisational stand-up comedy. He had a gift for impressions and mimicry, developing a range of characters that he used in his act. As he said himself, "I was fighting for the fact that you could be funny without telling jokes." This 3-CD set comprises the complete contents of his first five albums: The Wonderful World of Jonathan Winters; Down To Earth; Jonathan Winters In Concert: Here's Jonathan; Another Day, Another World; and Humor Seen Through the Eyes of Jonathan Winters. All of these were recorded in front of a live audience, and include many of the routines that made him famous. For those unfamiliar with his work, this is a great introduction to a unique entertainer. For those revisiting his work from this period, it's a feast of comedy very much of its era, which laid the groundwork for later performersDisc 1:"Medley: Introduction, Flying Saucers"Western"Football Game"Airline Pilots"Used Pet Shop"Hip Robin Hood"Medley: Super Service Station, Marine Corps"Introduction, Horror Movies, Amateur Show, Commercials, Great White HunterDisc 2:"Introduction, Scratchy, Broadway Musical, Interviews, Prison Scene"Opening"Test Flight"Billy The Kid"New Flying Saucer"Opening - Portugese Pirate Ship"Oldest Airline Stewardess - Maude Frickert"Child Psychiatrist"Driving On The Turnpike - Thoughts Of A Turtle"Opening - California"The Lost IslandDisc 3:"Igor And The Monster"New Frontiers, Civil War"TV Commercials, American In Paris"Moon Map / Ivy Leaguer"Human Torpedo"Sail Cat"My School Days"Hungry 'i' Opening "Moby Dick & Capt. Arnold"Elwood P. Suggins' Automobile"Dr. Werner: German Scientist"S.S. Robert E. Lee"Chief Running Fox"Maude Frickett & The Funeral"International Folk Singers - Terry Thai (Thailand)"International Folk Singers - Lonesome Tom (Western)"International Folk Singers - Ivan Korkoffskinovki (Russian)